When is the Best Time to Buy a New TV Set?

An overlooked question most people never ask themselves until they run into a TV problem is when is the best time to buy a new TV set?  The true answer is the moment your TV is no longer giving you the same satisfaction and performance it once did, but the technical conditions we will touch bases with in a moment.

Please keep in mind that TVs are just like any other electronic items no matter what the salesmen tells you. They go through normal wear and tear and eventually they break down.  When they do break down it all becomes a question of is it worth it to fix?  No matter what type of TV or brand you buy at some point it will need to be replaced or fixed.   So the overlooked question remains… when is the right time to decide on buying a new TV set?

When to Buy a New TV


Let’s first agree that when shopping for anything you want to get the best deal possible.  You might just be wasting your money if you buy a unheard of brand just to save a few dollars to have it break down on you 1 year later with no warranty.   It is also stated in consumerreports.com that there are several key things to consider so that you know the best time to buy a new TV set. What TV conditions will your old TV set have before you consider buying a new one?


5 Things to Consider about your TV before Buying a New TV set?


  1. Color Fades. The color of your TV matters. The 1920’s are gone. When the color of your television is already faded then it is time to change your TV set. The color quality of any TV matters when your watching anything these days so bad color can be the difference between a good and bad viewing experience. If you do not get good color reception after having it fixed or looked into then it’s time to buy a new one.
  2. Volume Issues. Without proper volume, a TV is useless. The silent film era is also over and without sound most people don’t have patience to watch TV.  The best recommendation is to get it fixed first but if the price is as much as buying a new one then it’s better to buy a new TV.
  3. Lines on TV. If your TV has lines then it could be the start of another string of issues.  The best bet is to have a TV repair technician inspect your TV set to ensure there’s no other damages.  At times the price can be worth it, but other times it  may just be better to replace everything.  You be the judge.
  4. Screen Damage.  Any TV that has a broken or damaged screen on the TV set is in for a lot of money for repairs.  The best solution to a broken or damaged screen is to buy a new TV because it would be a lot cheaper in most cases, however if you have further inquiries contact the nearest TV repair technician in your area.
  5. Cost of Repairs.  If any repairs deem to be more than the original cost you put into the TV then replace it.


Before you decide on buying a new TV you should monitor all of the conditions of your current TV first to ensure it truly does need to get replaced.  At times depending on your TV brand or size the repairs might be worth it in the long run instead of buying a new TV.   In any event if you do decide to purchase a new TV do some research first on which TV brands offer troubleshooting support , their warranty coverage options, and the overall quality of the TV brand and model you are going to purchase.

The most important thing is to buy a television that will meet your needs and the needs of your family – something that will fit the design, size of your home, and is compatible for everyone.

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