November 5, 2014


If your looking for an experienced commercial TV repair technician, then you’ve arrived.  At Hao’s TV Repair, we exclusively cater to all businesses with televisions and commercial monitors for machine shops (CRT monitors).

After many years of experience and different encounters, our technicians are able to repair any of the industrial monitors listed below:

commercial brands

    • Acer
    • ASRock
    • Asus
    • ATI
    • Belkin
    • Canon
    • Compaq
    • Conexant
    • Creative Labs
    • CRT Monitor
    • Dell
    • Epson
    • Gigabyte
    • IBM
    • Intel
    • Median
    • Mercury
    • Micro-Star International (MSI)
    • Packard Bell
    • RealTek
    • Samsung
    • SiS Corporation
    • Sony Electronics
    • Toshiba
    • VIA Technologies
    • and much more!

If you’re a business looking for a same day repair on your television, commercial or industrial monitor then call us today at 1-844-TVFIXED to schedule a same day visit.